"At Last a Life"

My story of recovery from anxiety and panic



The title below came from my own dreams and from what others said to me:

"I just want my life back"

It is what we all want and we all can achieve, and is the reason I wrote the book. Anxiety robs us of so much; my dream through my own suffering was to just have my life back, a life that I took for granted before I suffered. My own experience of recovery still feels like a miracle. It felt so far away that I never thought I would see the day when I could finally say I no longer suffer. It felt so far away because I was never given any answers to the way I felt or why I stayed in the cycle. As soon as I found these answers, things started to make sense and I knew, I could at last begin to move forward.

I wrote this book on anxiety and panic for everyone out there who still struggle for answers on their condition. After my own recovery, I went on to study the whole subject of anxiety and panic in full. I was not content with just recovering myself, I also wanted to dedicate my life to helping others. This was exactly why I wrote the book and put the site together, so as to reach out to as many people as possible. I have no interest in becoming rich out of other people's suffering and selling them the newest miracle cure, online course or C.D set. I spent more money than I care to remember through my own darkest days, and it pains me to still see some of the false claims that are about on the internet.

Too many people fall into the cycle of anxiety because the right help and advice is not available to them at an earlier stage. I firmly believe that doctors and specialists are not given enough help to fully understand this condition and if I had one wish, it would be that more information on this debilitating condition was made available to them. This in itself could save so many years of needless suffering.

One of my main aims in writing this book was to make it as easy as possible to read and understand; to get my message across from a sufferer's point of view and dilute all the jargon that you may have found hard to understand in the past. I also felt strongly that I had something else to say than had been churned out before, mainly by people who had never actually been through it. Every common symptom is explained in the book, not just the anxiety, but also, the feelings of unreality, the racing thoughts, feelings of dread, lack of confidence, depression, the constant worry cycle and many more symptoms that I have come across over the years.

I also receive emails on a regular basis from people who say "Paul it all makes sense now, you are the first person to not only help me, but actually tell me why I feel like I do". But why does it take someone like me to be able to give these answers? Anxiety is as common as any illness or condition out there, but is sadly brushed to one side and largely ignored, no wonder so many people suffer in silence.

The book has continues to get tremendous feedback and has sold so many copies through recommendations. Many people tell me their own doctor or therapist has put them on to it and that is something I am very honoured to hear. The book is sold all over the world and has been recently published in Japan, all this without any advertising or promotion. So many people email to say it is by far the best thing they have ever picked up relating to the subject, the only thing that truly helped.

'At Last a Life'


Chapter 1: My Story

Chapter 2: So What Are These Feelings I Feel?

Chapter 3: The Breakthrough

Chapter 4: Understanding Anxiety

Chapter 5: Give Up the Fight

Chapter 6: Panic Attacks Explained

Chapter 7: Feeling Detached from your Surroundings

Chapter 8: Scary Irrational Thoughts

Chapter 9: Success Stories

Chapter 10: Other Symptoms Explained

Chapter 11: We Need One Route

Chapter 12: Born to Worry

Chapter 13: Some Final Points

Chapter 14: Coming Through Depersonalisation

Chapter 15: Social Anxiety 

Chapter 16: Frequently Asked Questions

Chapter 17: Summery

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