Food and Anxiety | Anti-Anxiety Diet

Unfortunately, through anxiety we sometimes turn to alcohol and establish a bad diet to try and make us feel better in the short term. Changing your diet and lifestyle can help many forms of anxiety and the symptoms that go with it.

As I was recovering, I decided to eat healthier and found that, through this, I had so much more energy, felt calmer and less depressed. I also understood the importance of burning off all my excess nervous energy and took up a fitness campaign that suited me.

These changes in my life made a lot of difference to how I felt overall. They are not the only answer to anxiety, but they can bring some much needed relief to the way we feel.

Try and eat a healthy, whole foods diet with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. Try and include foods that are rich in the B vitamins, such as whole grains, nuts, green vegetables, eggs and fish

To help lift moods and help calm anxiety, keep away from processed foods and eat more natural products. Also what we drink can have an affect on our stress levels. Although drinking alcohol seems to have a calming effect short term, it dehydrates the body, leaving us feeling more anxious than ever. If you feel you can't give up altogether, then just try and moderate it.

Avoid fizzy drinks loaded with sugar, instead drink plenty of water, I am personally not a big fan of water and drink the flavoured variety which is fine also. Avoid caffeine too much caffine, again there is no need to give it up completely, just try and moderate it.

Below is a small list of foods to avoid and which foods to keep on your side when you are feeling anxious or stressed. Again I don't expect you to be perfect as I was not, but a few changes may help you see the benefit.

fruit-marked.jpg tomatoes2.jpg vegtable2.jpg

Foods to eat




Wholegrain foods

Brown Rice




Cottage Cheese

Fresh Fish

Poached Egg




Baked potato

Peanut butter



Foods to avoid

Fizzy drinks

Processed food

White bread









Fast Food

If you want more help and advice with anxiety and panic issues then do please take the time to look around my site.

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